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I recently discovered Incapacity, a band consisting of some of my favorites in the Swedish scene (Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Edge of Sanity). So naturally, I decided to get ahold of Anders Edlund, bassist and mastermind behind this excellent new death/thrash combination.

Wayfaerer-I know the formation of the band is kindof unique in the metal world, could you give the history behind the band?

Anders-I don't think our situation is unique actually, it's just that our label choosed to make the birth of Incapacity something special by telling everyone we are a band put together for one purpose...delivering the goods for our label. I know of several other bands that have been put together in the same way, but I won't tell you which ones out of respect for them and their labels. Their labels don't make a big thing out of the birth of the groups. Well, Omer called me up asking if I'd like to start a band for his label Cold Records and I'd be stupid to neglect such an offer, I think?! So I simply called some of my friends up asking if they were interested in being a part of the band. But me and Robert I had earlier spoken about starting a band up so I guess the band would have seen the day of light anyhow, even if we weren't called up by Cold Records, if you know what I mean? Maybe not with this line-up, but anyhow it would have been a reality!

Was it weird being asked to form a certain type of band? Did it feel 'forced' at all?

It's not quite correct that we had to form a certain type of band, actually. I was asked if I could form a band and Cold's wish was that we did some death/thrash hybrid, but in the end it was up to us to sound whatever we liked, black metal, jazz metal or whatever. But we've all been into this style of metal for quite a while and now how to do it so I didn't see any problem by continuing playing death or thrashmetal. Also they are the one with the money…he he.

Chaos Complete has a definite "retro" feel to it, but retains some modern melodies in it as well, was the band aiming for this?

I think this mix of different "metal schools" was the result more or less of our work during the process of making songs to the album. We didn't say to eachother, we should try to sound retro, super-original or anything like that. Me, Christian and Robert wrote the music on our own and Dread wrote the lyrics and then about a month before we entered Black Lounge we rehearsed the songs and made re-arrangements e.t.c. just to get the best out of each song. We go for what we like so that´s probably a reason why we have a great blend of different styles in our music.

Was it easier or harder to write, having most of the band being Solar Dawn members?

I don't see any difference at all from the working process in Solar Dawn. So it didn't make it either easier or more complicated. Probably the fact that me and Christian are far more skilled technically on guitar than both Robert and Dread was a new experience both for them and us. But in the end, it's all about what technique one use and it didn't affect the songwriting process. We didn´t try to sound like Solar Dawn when writing music to Incapacity and I think we succeded to make quite a different sound than with S.D, even thou you might trace the composer with his special trademarked riffing.

How has the response been to Chaos Complete so far?

This far…overwhelming! We're all taken by storm from the positive words of our album. I mean I couldn't believe in my wildest fantasies that we´d ever recieve 6 of 7 in German Metal Hammer or becoming "album of the month" in the October issue of Heavy oder Was ( two of the biggest magazines in Germany ). Hopefully we'll sell some albums as well…ha ha.

Whats your favorite track off of Chaos Complete? Just for reference, mine's Fervent Hate.

Fervent hate is a great song. I don't really like to speak about favourite songs from albums since I think all songs are important for the final result. Also its a lot different when you've been one of the composers than if you buy an album you've never heard before. But to be honest with you I like Amputate God a lot and the reason is because its a fucking great song to play live. But I think each and every song on Chaos Complete have something to offer depending on which mood you're in.

I read somewhere that you will be shooting a video for one of the songs, any chances it'll get on the new Headbangers Ball?

We'll shoot a video for Amputate God. I´m the one doing all the preparations for it and the one that´s supposed to gather a filmcrew e.t.c. Unfortuantely I'm swamped right now so this will be a project for the future. I don't know if it'll be played on Headbangers Ball? You know they have their strict rules about what is supposed to be in the video e.t.c. and our lyrics aren´t exactly the most God-friendly…ha ha. Theres no problem in showing half-naked chicks in a Christina Aguillera-video but when you speak your opinion about God or use blood in a video they say stop imidiately. That, my friend, is what I call double morality!! Time will tell if we´ll show our ugly faces on MTV, I guess…ha ha.

Do you have any touring plans so far for Incapacity?

Not at the moment! We're only confirmed for a festival gig in Germany next august but that´s it right now. I think there will be some proposals when the album is released in all territories but that´s not until the end of this year. So hopefully there will be some touring next year!

Do you have plans to start writing new material at any point?

Yeah, we're working on it right now. We'll enter Mieszko Talarczyk's (Nasum) studio Soundlab in February to record our follow up to Chaos Complete. I think now we have like 6-7 songs ready for that session.

Have you recently formed any other bands? You and Christian Alvestam seem to be almost as prolific as Tomas "I'm in too many bands to name" Lindberg!

Ha ha…I know Tomas pretty well so I'll tell him your opinion. No, just kidding! People think he has so many commitments but the fact is that he's nothing but a session-singer in most of the bands. Which means no writing lyrics e.t.c just enter the studio and do the vocals. His only fulltime commitments are The Great Deciever, Lock-Up and Disfear. Me on the other hand have only Solar Dawn and Incapacity and most musicians I know can deal with two bands without problems. Christian have 4 engagements at the moment ( Solar Dawn, Incapacity, Unmoored and his new band Torchbearer ) but he says its all about priority. If you know your time you know what band to prioritate at the moment and no other constellation will be suffering from it.

Going along with bands, I believe I read that Solar Dawn will be putting out a new release in the near future? Care to elaborate?

Where did you read that??! We've only recorded a pre-production for our label Mighty Music but there are nothing confirmed for a release! We hope that we´ll enter the studio sometime next year to record a new album, but there are som many things that has to be done before. Also Mighty have a lot of releases coming up in a nearby future so it´s up to them when they want to release another opus of Solar Dawn.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Too many to mention, unfortunately! I could give you 100 pages with influences so theres no sense even trying. My main influences in general and outside the music are my parents that always supports my choices in life. Musicwise I like everything from Classic music to death/gore, more or less! As long as it is affecting me in some way its good.

Is it hard to balance all of the bands you are in while trying to make money for a living?

I don't know yet, actually! Since I'm a student I don't have the problem by trying to get days free from my boss e.t.c. I have to make arrangements due to my tests and so on. So of course it's a lot harder when you have a 9-5 job. Also the bands I'm involved in don't rehearse 3 times a week. We simply rehearse when we are going to play live or are about to enter a studio, so there hasn´t been any problems this far. I guess with a more filled schedule it would be harder but on the other hand we´ll earn some money from the touring.

What are some of your favorites so far in 2003?

You mean albums??
My latest investment was Edge of Sanity "Crimson II" and I don't think Mr. Swano can deal with this band on his own. He has too much melodic stuff with keyboards and stuff going on so it sounds more like leftovers from Nightingale or Moontower than the classic EOS. That's a bad investment!
Rotten Sound "Murderworks": a really great album
Bloodbath "Resurrection through carnage": Swano knows how to do it good and brutal when he gets a little help…ha ha.
Exhumed "Anatomy is destiny": I really miss Carcass so Exhumed does it almost as good
Naglfar "Sheol": Jens Rydén & Co have done it again. Well, that´s some of my favourites this far!!

Random Question: Have you ever gotten in any drunken bar fights?

No, I haven't! I am too friendly and when I'm out drinking alcohol I want to enjoy the company, meet friends and flirt with girls. And if I´d ever get into a fight I'd probably just walk away from there. Fights never solve any problems and if you're unable to solve problems with your mouth I suggest you go for a retoric-class!

As always, thanks for your time man! Any closing statements you'd like to make?

Thanks to you Wayfaerer and Harm.us. I'd like to say to all american metalheads: Go check our album out! It contains the best of two different metal schools, it's not original at all(Wayfaerer's note: I wouldn't say its completely unoriginal!), but I promise you'll like what you're about to hear! Hasta la vista…we'll be back! Cheers!

September 28, 2003
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