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After hearing the sonic explosion that was 'To Cure the Sane with Insanity', I knew that I needed to get some more info on this band. Luckily, vocalist Kai was able to fill in the blanks.

Wayfaerer-First off, could you give us a little history behind Deathbound?

Kai-Well to put it short we've been friends from 95 and done whole lot of demos and shit together,(Kai-v,Tommi-b,Pete-g), and as you could see from our bio that we've had bad luck with dedicated drummers.So I'd like to say that we started in the year 2001 with Q from Rotten Sound on drums.We just released the cd "to cure the sane-with insanity. It has gotten very good response from the media and other people. Things are going fine despite a few setbacks.

With all the members involvement in other bands, is Deathbound a full-time band or more of a side-project?

DB is a full-time band for sure, all bands are full-time. If I do something I do it with 120% dedication and I guess that goes for all the members.

Who were the biggest influences behind Deathbound's music?

Well all old school bands i.e: entombed, dismember, napalm death etc. I guess you can hear it quite well.Although we listen to various kind of shit nowadays, so all music is influental I believe.

How has the response been to To Cure the Sane with Insanity?

Suprisingly good, we are very pleased with the media's attention and liking the album so much. No bad reviews at all? Our only problem is the distribution! So all distros get in touch with Woodcut Records for some deals.

To Cure the Sane With Insanity has a really nice ring to it, how did the band come up with that name for the title?

I came up with the idea, don't ask me where it came from but I like it too. And the meaning is quite difficult to explain really cos I can't really remember what I had in mind, maybe I'm getting too senile? I always have a difficulty to explain my lyrics (if the lyric isn't the straightforward kill everyone type of crap) to someone, don't get me wrong I do always have a point when I write them down, it's not just some cool words lined up.

The album has a "dirty" sound to it that fits perfectly, was that intentional?

Yes! We wanted it to sound fresh but with an oldschool touch to it, I guess we pulled it off quite well. And as you can hear it has a quite sleazy touch, everything isn't perfect. That's the trick!

I've gotten a chance to listen to your last two demos/promos, it seems To Cure the Sane with Insanity is much more heavy? What could be the reasons behind this?

Well we skipped all the melodies and all the thrash, put in some punk and crust and a dose of pure insanity and there you have it! We were angrier this time around, yes and much much sicker.

Your cover art is rather interesting, is that a heart on the cover or is it something else?

If I remember right, it's a lung. The picture is taken by Q, Pete an Q just had some fun with a lung and loads of blood in Petes bathtub. It suites our music perfectly.

I see that you have very recently gotten a new drummer, Sami, what was Q's reason for leaving?

Sami came in to the band because Q did not have the time nor did we want to wait for him, cos he's got good stuff going on with Rotten Sound. Now Sami is a fucking maniac behind the drumms, I just got blown away at the first rehearsal...Goddamned! By the way we will have a session guy handling the bass at gigs. The only reason for this is that people have to work and sometime bands and work don't fit together.

Will you be doing any live shows in the near future?

We are hooking up some gigs with the Finnish deaththrash monster Deathchain,we will tour Finland at first then check outside the borders. We are very cheap! So get in touch.

What is your favorite song from Deathbound?


What are some of your favorite releases so far in 2003?

Nasum-Helvete,Entombed-Inferno,Murder Squad-Ravenous Murderous Keep in mind that my schitzophrenic brain changes its mind quite often.

Random Question: What are your favorite movies?

Reservoir Dogs, Fear and loathing...The Bunker, These popped up. But these will also change. I watch too freaking many movies.

Thanks for the interview! Any plugs you'd like to make?

Thank you for having interest in DEATHBOUND! All people should check out http://www.deathbound.net for some good grinding deathmetal! And all who arrange gigs get in touch! Peace,war & misunderstanding!
Kai af Deathboundsson

October 28, 2003
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