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After hearing the excellent Day of Question demo, I thought it would be cool to hear a little more from Delian League. Their unique blend of both traditional and modern metal was quite interesting. I was able to get some answers from guitarist David Hatfield about the band.

Wayfaerer-First of all, could you give us a history on how Delian League was formed?

David-Rich and I have been writing music for years and always wanted to start a band but never had musicians that we would be interested in working with. I have known Jude for a couple years and was in a cover band with him for a very short amount of time but always knew that he was dying to start something up again. The band actually formed when I asked one of my guitar students if he was interested... I had in mind that Rich and my student, Mike O'neil, would play guitar and I was going to play bass. In a relatively short amount of time Rich, Mike, Jude and myself had started the foundation of the band and started piecing together songs. I found Chris through and ad in the Aquarian within the first month of the band and within 4 months we had 6 songs that we wanted to start recording.

Mike went to his first year at Rutgers that fall and had zero time for the band and stepped down. We kept on recording with me putting down bass tracks and playing the second guitar parts. We found Shane that winter, such an obvious choice we had overlooked considering Rich and I went to High School with him;)

How has the response been to your demo, Day of Question?

Overwhelming to say the least. With as much warning we have received from friends and people in the industry on what to expect from varying reviews we have only seen positive. I am expecting our first "bashing" review soon but it has not happened yet.

Your sound has a "refreshing" feeling to it, it seems you've managed to blend a lot of the Swedish melodic death metal scene with more traditional metal, but adding some crunch. Would this be a semi-accurate description?

I guess the product of what we write is developed from the influences we have had from day 1. So the description you gave is 100% correct. Growing up with Metallica, Megadeth and Testament to what is in my CD player today: Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Tranquility and TATU. um.. yeah

How did you manage to get such a great production for an unsigned demo?

God I guess we have been blessed with the strangest / greatest connections. Our drummer is related to a producer in Germany who has produced records by Phil Collins and the like. The fact that it was a different style of music intrigued him and ended up doing an awesome job. Can I also mention is probably the nicest person on the planet.

How many more songs do you have written at the moment?

5 songs that we can play live and about 5 more that are not finished.

What is your favorite song that you have written as a band?

The Embrace

Have you done any "label shopping" yet? If so, have you had any labels show some interest in signing you?

We had a representative from TVT Records approach us after the Anthrax show. I have been talking to him since and they will come see us play in the future with another A&R rep.

What is the hardest thing about trying to find a label to release your material?

Getting someone on the phone or respond to us to even know if they have our demo/press kit.

Do you have any plans to record a full length release in the near future?

God I hope so. We are aiming for something at the end of the fall.

You've done some shows with some big names recently (Anthrax, Overkill among others), has this helped in getting your name out?

Absolutely! Getting one national act under you belt opens doors for future shows at different venues. And of course not to mention the amount of people we get to play in front of. A big thanks to Concerts East.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Steve Morse, Soilwork, Testament, Arch Enemy, Steve Vai, Dream Theater etc..

If you could give people one reason why they should check out the Delian League, what would it be?

The hallucinations that occur at about 2:32 in "The Questioning"

Whats the best album you have heard this year?

Soilwork - Figure Number 5

Random Question: What is your favorite sport?

Hmm.. I think hating the Yankees can be considered a sport some time, and I love doing it.

Thanks for your time! Any closing plugs you'd like to make?

Greg Natic - If it wasn't for you, Delian League would only be delian league.

October 30, 2003
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