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Bleeding: Hello from Greece my friend! I am Andrew. How are you?

Thorsten: Fine, thank you. I just stood up and took a cup of coffee…

I have to admit that this is the very first time I listen to your music and I really like it. Could you tell me some things about the history of the band?

Thanks! The band was founded in 1993. We released a few demos and recorded in 1999 our debut album “Baneful Skies”, in 2001 the second one “Crimson Frost” and in 2002 a demo-compilation named “First Beams Of Light”. “Of Decay and Desire” is the first one for AFM-Records.

What I like most in “Of decay and desire” is the fact that you have a strong personal sound without being heavily influenced by any specific band and that you manage to combine classic metal parts with modern touches. What are your major influences and how would you describe your music?

We are rather unique. And we are proud to sound like no other band. That makes it on the one hand easy to be recognized by our fans, but on the other hard to be discovered by new people. Our influence is life… and the style is to be described as Heavy Metal.

The production of your new album is very good. Where did you record it and who was the producer? Are you satisfied with the final result or there are any details you would like to change?

We are 100% satisfied with the sound. We recorded at Metalsound-Studio (www.metalsound.de). It’s the studio of our drummer Torsten. Then we mixed at Stage One (Andy Classen), and mastered at Finnvox.

Did you like the production of Metallica’s “St. Anger” and Nevermore’s “Enemies of reality”? It is a production that is considered to be a different approach by the band but I think that if a band like you for example or a band which will release a debut album with this production will be reviewed as a bad one. What do you think?

No underground band with these productions – I only know the Metallica one - would get a gig or even a record deal. That’s my opinion. It sounds bad and hurts the ears. It’s a mess that fans are confronted with such a sound.

Do you follow any specific procedure when composing your songs?

The songs are written by every one of us on guitar. Then the vocals are added. Finally we arrange and optimize it together.

How important do you consider your lyrics to be and, what are the sources from which your lyrical concepts are drawn?

The lyrics are very personal. They are important for US. But they can be important for every one, when you combine and see them with your own emotional situation.

Have you arranged any live shows in order to promote “Of decay and desire”?

We are looking forward to playing a tour in early 2004. But I don’t know if it will lead us to Greece. I think it depends on the reactions for the new CD.

I am a big fan of the underground scene worldwide. Do you watch the underground scene of your country? Is there any band you like?

I don’t really watch it. I am manager of a pub, a rock-discotheque and booker of a festival… There’s unfortunately not so much time left to take a view on other bands; except the ones who play the festival.

Would you prefer to be a great band in the underground scene or just an average mainstream one?

I’d prefer many people in front of the stage…

Why should someone prefer to buy your album than any other release of our days?

Because we make a unique sound that’s worth to check out. By the way: I need to buy a new microphone in the near future…

If you had the chance to play on the same stage with any band or artist you like, who would that be and why?

I’d like to play with Iron Maiden because I think most people would like our music, too. We love playing for a big audience.

Which are the 5 best metal albums ever in your opinion?

WASP – The Crimson Idol

Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime

Iron Maiden – Life After Death

Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss

Manowar – Kings Of Metal

That’s all from me! Thanks a lot for your time and good luck for your future plans. Close this interview the way you like…

Thanks for your interest in our music and big hails to all metalheads in Greece. See you soon.

February 18, 2004
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