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Bleeding: Hello Oliver, how are you? It’s been over a year since you released “Fall, I Will Follow”. What do you think about this album now? Would you like to change anything in it and if yes what would that be?

Oliver: No I wouldn’t change anything, I like this album very much, it was our experience to go new ways, we got the best reviews in the history of Lacrimas Profundere and the material works live very very good! Only one thing, I would put a ballad on it, because every song is very straight forward and sometimes you need a small break to breath!

Most of the reviews I have read about it are good. What was the best, the worst and the most weird thing you read in a review of it?

Oh, the best was that we reached in the most popular magazines the best places in the soundcheck and in Belgium the “album of the month title”. Every month I read weird things about our band, but these are things I can’t remember, because I read it, laugh, and forget it.

In your homepage you describe this album as “groovy gothic rock with 70th influences”. Don’t you believe that you could be described as a modern doom metal band? Your music emits many feelings to the listener and by the time they are not the most happy ones I believe doom is a word that can describe you.

Yes, this is a good idea, “modern doom” sounds great. And we describe our music as rock'n'sad – not as happy rock. Be sure we never release a happy or friendly album! But I think doom is a word you use to describe slow sad music-this is only one part of Lacrimas Profundere-the other part is fast live music.

“Fall, I Will Follow” lead you to play gigs with Paradise Lost, to tour with Amorphis and a headliner tour through Mexico. How were all these concerts and especially in Mexico?

We learned a lot of things at these gigs. We had fun with paradise lost in turkey, drunk many drinks and beers heard strange stories and have party the whole two days in Istanbul-with Amorphis in Germany it was great too it was a big adventure to play with these guys. The Mexico tour was very hard-because we was a long time on the road and in our free time we had autograph-hours, press-conferences or we only stay in the bus. Every gig was about 14 hours apart and sometimes we eat nothing till we arrived at the next concert hall. But if you look in the faces of the fans you know this is the only thing you want to do! We shoot the whole gigs for a Dvd release this year.

You have also arranged a tour with Beseech that was going to start in March but as I know it will finally start in April. Many live concerts! Do you enjoy most being in the studio or on tour?

I hate it to be in the studio, studio is the hardest job I know. I love to compose new songs, play at our rehearsals and of course I love to play live. Yes, the tour with beseech starts in April and we can’t await it to see these guys again! After this we had some festivals in the summer and I hope at the end of the year we could play another tour with our new album “Ave end” in the back!

Within this year you are about to release your next album “Ave End”. Would you like to tell me a few things about it? When will you start recordings, where it is going to be recorded and will it be as killer as your previous ones?

Hahaha, be sure it is a killer. We started the recordings since 2nd of February. The drums, bass and guitars are recorded and next week we start with keyboards and vocals. We hope the album comes out in front of our festival-dates, but this is business work. The next album is a mixture between the “burning: a wish” and the “fall, I will follow” album! Many songs with very deep emotional vocals. Christopher did his best job at this album and we release it as a digipack and “normal” version. At this time our label thought about a single-release in front of the album release, but at this time I can’t say enough about this. We wrote about 14 songs for this CD and after the recordings we check witch songs are good enough for the album. After this we shoot a video clip.

You know, almost every musician claims that their latest release is their best one. Which album of your band is the best according to your opinion as a member of the band and as a fan?

Yes, sure, the latest release has to be the best release in the history of the band, because if I write an album and after the recordings I think the former release is better I would leave the band. I like the “Fall, I will follow” album and the “Burning: a wish” album because in my opinion it’s the best album in sad doom, gothic we could do!

You started as a doom/death metal band and now you have changed your music style. Some may think you did that in order to attract more fans and make more money. What do you say about that?

Bullshit, we don’t earn a lot of money with our music. Every people who listen to metal or rock music are people who understand what they do. The chart and pop music is music without heart and soul. But if you talk to a metal fan you feel his enthusiastic to his metal music and these fans know it if you play music only with head and not with heart only to earn fast money. We only play the music we want to play and I always think in front of a new production witch album I wanted to hear in my own CD-player. We only play music we can feel and after the “burning: a wish” album it was time to enter new ways because this was the best album we could do in this musical direction and its boring for us if we copy ourselves. After the recordings of the “burning: a wish” album Christopher said he won’t grunt in the future, so I change the songwriting a little bit to let the vocals the freedom they need-that’s it.

There are also people who blame you of copying Anathema. Especially, in Greece there are people who love your music and people that despite they like your music they don’t buy your albums or they don’t support you because they believe you just copy Anathema. What do you have to say about that too?

Clean your ears! But I have a simply explanation for this. Anathema sold more records than Lacrimas Profundere. If we sold more records, the zines and mags would write Anathema copy Lacrimas Profundere. Every metal band copy songs from Black Sabbath and every gothic band from Paradise Lost, so I give a shit on this. Anathema are a very good band but we don't copy Paradise Lost, Anathema or another band- we played and released CD's since 10 years and in 1993 we was one of the first bands who combines violins, harps, female vocals and a flute in their music. we only play our music-lacrimas-music – this tastes good - enjoy it.

If your music was a color, which one would that be and why?

Black because I wear this color and my guitar is black too.

“Fall, I Will Follow” was your third album with Napalm records. Are you satisfied with the label?

Yes, they did a great job for us. And pay all our bills hahaha!

What kind of music do you listen in your free time? Is there any album in your collection that would surprise most of your fans?

I listen to Type O Negative, The 69 Eyes, Him, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Dark Tranquility, Katatonia, Paradise Lost… I would say that some fans would surprise that I love Monster Magnet and Muse.

Would you prefer to be an average mainstream band or a great one in the underground?

A great one in the underground!!!

Tell me some of the better and some of the worst albums you listened to within 2003.

The better album is the new Paradise Lost album “Erased” and the worst album is …I don’t listen to worst albums!

If there was a tribute album for you what bands would you like to participate?

Hey a very good question: Paradise Lost, Amorphis and The 69 Eyes and Michael Jackson hahaha.

I have nothing else to ask you Oliver. I hope we will talk again when you release “Ave End” and hopefully if you ever visit Greece! Thanks a lot for your time. Close this interview as you like…

Thanks for your support, thanks all the gothic fans in Greece, please give Lacrimas Profundere a chance and listen, bang and be sad at our songs like “Without”, “Lastdance” and “For bad times”. Hope to see you all as soon as possible-beer for all!!! For more information check our website under www.lacrimas.com! Thanks for this interview and it would be an honor for me to do another interview with you after our new release. Check it out and stay dark!

March 11, 2004

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