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If you've ever read my reviews of Yearning's albums, you'd easily understand my excitement when my favorite metal band agreed to do a short interview around Christmas time last year... It was supposed to be a two-part interview with both the members answering questions, however, for some reason, T. Kristian didn't get to do it, and after a substantial wait, I am finally publishing Juhani's answers. Let's hope that one day we'll be able to fill the gaps...

Potrokh: I'm sure this is old, but considering not that many people know you in these parts of the world, would you care telling us what happened in the "dark years"? To the old members?

Juhani: Originally the band was formed at the end of 1994 by me and drummer Toni. We were called FLEGETON at first but we changed our name to YEARNING after we got a record-deal. Our debut "With tragedies adorned" was recorded in the autumn 1996, second one "Plaintive Scenes" in 1998 and after that album our bassplayer, guitarist and fluteplayer/femalevocalist were kicked out of the band. With a two'piece line-up we recorded the experimental album "Frore Meadow" in 2000. Right now YEARNING is current 'cause we've just released a brand new album "Evershade that's best we've done. Check out www.browse.to/yearning/

Was it a conscious choice (to get rid of them)? Were there tensions within the band we are not aware of? I mean, frankly I personally wasn't very happy with the direction you guys were taking on the middle two albums. Did you, the founding members, feel the same? And did the change in the band influence a change in your writing style (Or, rather, return to it) ?

The personal chemistry within the band was just simply a fucking mess and there was no way to go on like that. I'm personally responsible for YEARNINGs material all the way, so I have no-one else to blame about how these things have ended up to be. I stand behind "Plaintive Scenes" album still, there's some great material, it is still quite remarkable album. Some people might haven't been into these bit progressive and weird influences, but it's a matter of taste... "Frore Meadow" was done just to keep the band alive. It was an experiment and it was basicly written in the studio so it's not so serious and completely thoughtout album as the other three,especially "Evershade" that's really balanced entity. We were near to quitting the whole shit, but good we didn't 'cause now we've got a new great album despite all the problems we've had.

One of the most popular questions our readers want to ask is - what do you do for a living? Do you work? Study? What happens in the course of a normal day in the life of Yearning?

I have a lousy job and I also study, so I have plenty of things to do. I go to work at the morning, I study at the evening or play something at home or am in the rehearsals and then go to sleep.

What are your long-time goals? Do you see yourself still in the music business?

Who knows... Making music at least is quite enjoyable.

I remember you running a logo contest long ago, and I've always wondered what made you choose the current one? Have there been any that you'd prefer instead but had to not choose for some reason?

I guess it came from a record company. I don't remember the other logos anymore. I guess most of them were pretty lousy.

Since we are a web resource - What is your relationship with the internet? Do you use computers a lot? In your creative process, maybe?

I don't really use computers. I just check out the e-mail, nowadays daily if possible.

Speaking of which, why the change in the web site? Your old one had a lot of pictures, what happened to it?

There was two YEARNING websites in the net few years ago, but the other one was made by our former guitarist who took it off from the net after he was kicked out of the band and the other one that's in use nowadays hasn't been too updated, but we try to change this.

What is your gear these days?

I've got Jackson electric guitar, Marshall stack, two Yamaha acoustic guitars, some effects and lousy old keyboard. Not really much anything, but I can loan anything from the people I'm familiar with so it's not a problem.

What country do you like most and why? If there was one place you'd like to end up living in, what would it be?

"Anywhere out of this world" wrote Baudelaire.

Is it just my feeling or is it true that Holy records isn't feeling well lately? I mean, even their web site disappeared... Have they been giving you proper support? Or have you had any other offers?

"Sales are really bad" I've heard from them so I guess that's not too positive. I've got no idea of the promotion. At least here in Scandivania it's totally on our shoulders. About the offers I have no comment.

What part does alcohol play in your life?

Some kind of part. I don't remember anymore 'cause i'm so drunk. (Sorry about the spelling mistakes)

In an old, old interview you once said you wouldn't blame Metallica and Paradise Lost for the change in style, that you still kinda liked them. With all of us knowing where it came to eventually - Is that how you still feel or have you changed your mind? (You did say that Yearning would always stay metal, though! Is that still true?)

I don't remember saying that,but I don't blame anyone 'cause I don't listen to either of these bands anymore. "Evershade" sounds quite metal to me. I still like the old albums of these bands of course.

What music do you listen to now? Name a few albums...

I should get some new albums 'cause I'm quite bored to everything right now. It's quite hard to get excited about anything right now unfortunately. I listen to some classical music, Tom Waits, Arcturus, Katatonia, Opeth, Jope Ruonansuu etc.

Any Finnish bands you can recommend?

Thyrane is a good blackmetal band.

Any side projects you play in that we should be aware of?

Nothing has been released. Well, I sang one song on NOCTURNAL WINDS album "Of art and suffering".

Have you been playing many gigs? Any in your neighboring Russia? (many of our readers and some authors are from there)

Not after the european tour couple of years ago. Right now we're rehearsing the new songs and we might go to Russia in the near future. We haven't been there before. Only in the middle europe.

Altti from the Finnish band For My Pain once told our editor Wayfaerer one question he wished someone would ask and never does: "Why are Moomins so fat?". Care to answer?

This is the easy one. They don't have assholes. I'm very satisfied to being able to answers to this spenlid question. Let the information spread. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!!!!!!!

April 1, 2004
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