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It’s been four long years since “Amor Fati” and while it was well worth waiting for, would you like to mention, if nothing too personal, what happened during those years that have postponed the release of “Lost in Reverie”?

- Yes, four years between albums is definitely a long time. However, we have been active in the meantime with Star of Ash and the last Emperor releases. As we were quite determined to renew and refine our previous expression in Peccatum, we also needed time to experiment. “Lost in Reverie” was in the making for a year and a half, and we probably threw away two albums worth of material in the process.

Peccatum has now boiled down to a family affair between you and your wife. How has this affected, if at all, the creative process?

- The whole “family affair” seems to be more interesting to other people than it is to us. For our part this is a perfectly natural collaboration between two musicians.

Maybe it’s the fact that Ihriel did a solo album but I feel her confidence much bigger on this new album. Would you say that her participation was more active than on “Amor Fati”?

- In Peccatum we’ve always had two song-writers with equal amount of input, but Ihriel’s additional experiences with Star of Ash definitely brought new perspectives and working methods to the band.

If my memory serves me right, when writing music, you isolate yourself from outside influences in order to create the unique style found on Peccatum’s albums. Was it the same process for this latest creation and for you the only way to go about it? Also can you give us more details on how you live this creative process with the music writing and so on?

- In general it is more about isolating ourselves from outside expectations and demands based on previous work. As for artistic influences, these are obviously always present and important for the creative process. There are mainly three aspects that had a great influence on this particular record; the dreamy and ruthless movement of water, Theodor Kittilsen’s “Svartedauen” (the black plague) and French Surrealism. All felt well suited to underline as well as build the decadent claustrophobic and unpredictable atmosphere we wished to create.

Being a pioneer of the avant-garde black metal with Emperor, do you miss the band or do you consider it past and gone for ever and what you are doing now is much more fruitful and gratifying? Would you consider reforming the band one day?

- As you use the term “pioneer”, I would say in that respect that pioneering is about moving ahead and discover new ground, and that is what I intend to do. I’m proud of what we achieved with Emperor, but do not miss it at all.

You are a very fortunate artist that is lucky enough to have a wife who shares the same passion. Besides, you have your own studio and a record label. What else can you ask for?

- Nothing.

Can you tell us some of the latest news concerning Mnemosyne Productions and perhaps you’d like to share a scoop with our readers?

- At the moment there are two more releases in process for Mnemosyne; one being a follow-up EP and video for Peccatum and the other being my forthcoming Ihsahn solo-album. However, Mnemosyne is not merely a label for our own creations, so we’re currently seeking new acts too.

Where the name Mnemosyne did comes from?

- The name comes from Greek Mythology. Mnemosyne is the mother of the muses.

What are the musicians and bands you feel are the most interesting and creative these days?

- Unfortunately there are many new acts that have escaped my attention, and as far as metal goes, I tend to keep to my old classics. This is not due to nostalgia, but rather the fact that when I try to discover new music, I tend to look in other genres.

Have you been approached to form a new band or participate to another project lately?

- Not really, but I guess I never made myself much available for this kind of thing.

Is there something you would like to add that I have not asked you about or any topic you would like to express yourself on?

- Thanks for the support and my regards to the readers of Harm.Us!

Thank you very much for your time and The Reverie

May 26, 2004

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