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Fresh from the release of their rollicking debut EP, Life Drought, Italian thrashers Subliminal Crusher tell us a little bit about themselves. I interviewed their guitarist, Hatewerk, sharing his thoughts on the band, the album and the Italian metal scene.

Eyeless Sentry: Sum up the band Subliminal Crusher in a few words for us.

HatewerK: Rage, strength, energy, aggression, pooooooower, it’s a, it’s a vvvvvvulgar displ… er wait, I’m going off-road. However, it’s not wrong at all: we want to represent all of these feelings, in the most spontaneous way, that is by playing heavy and fast music!

You’ve just completed recording of your first EP, and it has been received well by many of the prominent metal zines. What are your thoughts on the whole experience?

HatewerK: it’s just a stepping stone for us, along the main road – sure it’s a milestone, but it’s just the beginning. We are very hyped of all the rave reviews we got, now it’s time to show those who appreciated it (and also those who didn’t) we can do even better and keep up with the expectations.

Life Drought is a straight-up thrash record with a modern sound; when we think of Italian metal, it conjures up names such as Ephel Duath, Rhapsody, Lacuna Coil and Vision Divine. Is there a big scene for thrash, let alone metal in Italy?

HatewerK: well, as you said, metal in Italy, at least in the last years, could’ve been sum up in two words: power and melody. Bands like Rhapsody and Labyrinth rode high on the wave of a renewed interest for the power metal scene, so Italy’s imagery in foreign minds was that of a land dominated by dragons and knights. Italy’s underground has always been incredibly active and varied, but the “overground” always followed the trend – so, nowadays with the “rebirth” of thrash, surely things for us thrash bands will look brighter.

Life Drought seems to be a concept EP based around war. What were your inspirations for some of the songs, the title track in particular?

HatewerK: this is interesting, because it was never meant to be this way… do you see a war thread going along with the record? Perhaps is due to the fact that I put so many war-related samples in the intros, ehehe… lyrics were all written concerning personal issues, mainly by our singer Tooz – it’s not about war, it’s about life in general: this can include such a prominent aspect like war nowadays, but it’s not the main thread of the record.

(Whoops!) Are you working toward writing or recording your debut album at the moment?

HatewerK: We are so proud of “Life Drought” that we never thought about it as a “demo”, but as an EP – so for us, “LD” IS the debut album, even if it’s been self-produced. But, obviously we kept on writing new material, and by now we have something like 14-15 songs among which we’ll eventually choose the ones who will (hopefully) give life to a full LP record.

What have you guys been listening to at the moment?

HatewerK: Musical tastes is what sets one another apart in the band! Jerico has been the main composer for “LD”, so I guess you can imagine he’s really fond of the north-european thrash-death school; Rod is more “American” in his tastes, but they also spread wider than Jerico’s; Elvys loves everything is music – he listens to many other genres too. Tooz is really tied to the great ones of the past – Death above all. Me, I’m more of a Bay-Area thrash head mixed with modern metal heroes: from Metallica to Atheist to Fear Factory to Meshuggah. At the moment I’m listening to, you guessed it; to the new Fear Factory album – the laser of my CD reader is digging holes in that disc! The soul of this machine has improved!

Do you think Italian metal receives the attention it deserves?

HatewerK: Yes. It receives less attention because we deserve less attention, that’s all. Here in Italy nobody is interested in promoting local bands, obviously money makes the world go round but the matter is deeper: there’s lack of courage and will to risk. Bands like ours often have to self-promote themselves, shop for absurd contracts or choose to call it quits. There are many bands I know of, that, if born in another Country, nowadays would be playing the main stage of all the most important summer festivals.

What does Subliminal Crusher get up to when they’re not rehearsing or performing?

HatewerK: Jerico and Rod also form the rhythm structure of all-italian thrash band S.R.L., so they keep on playing metal even outside of Subliminal Crusher. All of us have a regular day work too, nobody obviously has the hope that this band will be our full-time work someday, we are all down-to-earth guys who like playing heavy music above everything else, but who also like to go have a pizza altogether, go to the movies or behave dumbly on the seaside :D

Where do you hope Subliminal Crusher will be in the next few years?

HatewerK: As I said, we only hope to get huge satisfactions from the band: play in front of more and more fans, tour anywhere we can, have fun and bring fun, be appreciated and record some great music we will be proud of one day.

Which band/person would you most want to be on stage with?

HatewerK: man, that’s hard to pick… I was reading about the Download Festival in England where Lars Ulrich could not be on stage because of an illness, so Dave Lombardo and Joey Jordison took his place playing Metallica’s set… I think this has to be a dream come true, playing with Metallica (at least for a young drummer like Joey), but my personal zenith would be playing a gig with Raymond Herrera or Charlie Benante on drums.

Would you like to say anything to the fans; greets, shameless promotion etc?

HatewerK: We are fans ourselves, the only thing that sets us apart is that we are playing instruments while the others are listening - but in the end we all are fans of good music. So, thank you all for sharing love for music with us! Keep an eye open on www.subcrush.it for any news concerning our band – we’ll see around soon I hope! Cheers, Stefano AKA HatewerK

Thank you guys!

June 11, 2004
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