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Interview with Theatres Des Vampires

Hello to all of you gentlemen and lady from the vampirism kingdom. I appreciate you taking some of your time to answer these questions for your fans old and hopefully future ones.

I was happy to see that your album ‘Vampyrisme…’ was coming to my home via the good people from Masterpiece Distribution. I already had a couple of your albums but was not able to get hold of ‘Suicide Vampire’ that came out in 2002 and which actually was the album I was looking for after I saw a review on it. My first question on this is does it mean that you have a special deal now with the Italian Distributor and that your contract with Blackend is completed?

TdV-First of all thank you for appreciate our works. Our deal with Blackend is not completed at all. We still working with Blackend and Plastic Head and we are happy of their work. I don’t know why Suicide Vampire is difficult to find in Canada… The reason I suppose is why Plastic Head want to release Suicide Vampire using the channel of Candlelight USA for America and Canada… but for some reason something goes wrong… and nothing happen till today. I suppose that Plastic Head and Blackend still want to release all our catalogue for a direct America distribution…so let’s see what will happen. The reason why this Vampyrisme is released with Masterpiece is because for this one we prefer use an Italian label more oriented in the underground music. Vampyrisme is a re-played version of our very first album of 1996… is a way to commemorate our “underground attitude” of the begin of our career.

I was told by Gero from Masterpiece Distribution that I was amongst the few who understood that ‘Vampyrisme…’was not a re-release but actually a totally replayed version of the first Theatres Des Vampires debut album. Strange thing since it is clearly stated on the first page of the booklet. Can you set the record straight by the use of this interview to clear for good the situation?

TdV-Is not strange my friend. Sometimes, especially here in Europe, the people that make reviews for magazines do that exact a normal job, like work in a bank… without enthusiasm at all. They don’t read at all what is written in the booklet even if is written in capital letter in the first page… And believe in me, sometimes they don’t listen at all also the album.. This is sad I know but this is how works sometimes. Naturally is not your case! Anyway.. YES! This release is completely RE-PLAYED and RE-ARRANGED. Nothing of the original release of 1996 was saved. So from some points of view we can consider this like a NEW RELEASE of Theatres des Vampires. In 2004 will be the anniversary of 10 years of Theatres des Vampires, with this album we like to make an homage to our fans all over the world. For this reason we decided to play again this song of 1996 but with new arrangement and with a better production.

How does this project came to life?

TdV-As I said you we want to make a special present for the fans that from a lots of years ask for to reprint again our first album. So we came with the idea: “Why not re-play the album and re-arrange? This could be a nice present for our fans!” So this new album comes to life

Was it a long time dream come true to re-“vamp” the original version and give it a new life with the new blooded addition of special guests? One thing for sure is that it is a great way to celebrate a ten year of existence as an underground band.

TdV-Exactly, this is completely true. Our band was born as an underground act, during the years we became quite famous in some country as England, Italy, Germany, Russia, and some South America countries as Brasil and Mexico.. but the underground attitude remain the same… We don’t want to be a “super-star” band… this means loose the opportunities to be free of compose exactly what we have in mind..

One of the guest is no one else than the enigmatic Valor from the American act Christian Death. Are you fan(s) of the band or perhaps is it a mutual admiration that you may have for each others?

TdV-Is a mutual admiration for sure… we played with Christian Death in 2003 in a European tour of 1 month. Valor in several interview admit to take inspiration from underground act including Theatres des Vampires, and we personally consider Christian Death the “fathers” of Gothic… For this reason we decided to collaborate together.

Can you explain what is the origin of the band and your philosophy?

TdV-The founder of the band was Alexander “Lord Vampyr” that played this kind of music from 1989 with a band called Sepolcrum, that they shifted the Name in VII Arcano and in 1993 they released their first 7inc with the title of “In Gather my blood Forever”… after this release, Lord Vampyr decide to change angain with the name of Theatres des Vampires. The first demo tape of Theatres des Vampires was released in 1994… So as you can see our music was “vampiric” years before Cradle of Filth… Our philosophy is simple: The Vampirism.

Why do you have a French name (which is mystical and cool for me since French is my native tongue)?

TdV-We love Ann Rice’s novels, and as you know Theatre des Vampires is the theatre on Bulevard du Temple in Paris where Armand has his coven. This name is an homage to Anne Rice and in generally to all the Vampire based literature.

Even though many artists don’t like to be categorized, we writers have a bad habit to give genres to music in order to explain our readers what to expect as far as musical direction is concerned. With Theatres Des Vampires a strong theatrical / dramatic feel is incorporated into your gothic black musical structure in my opinion. Do you think this description suits your own definition or am I missing the whole point?

TdV-I think that our sound is a mix of Gothic Metal and Black Metal, but to be honest with you I don’t like to classify my kind of music, I just play what I like, nothing else… and what I like is Theatres des Vampires sound. Our music tries to be a perfect soundtrack for the Vampiric style of life… I mean the one that everybody dream… Be a Vampire means stay out of the normal rules, escape from the fate of the mankind that is forced to die and forget all the memories of the life… Our music describe this kind of feelings and atmosphere…

Another obvious (for me) element is a deep adoration of the twilight kingdom and correct me if I’m wrong here. On the other hand, are the founding members part of a dark occult movement or religion? If so could you tell your fans more about the ideas and how it affect your daily activities ( if it changes anything from what an ordinary person would do for instance). You can take this as an opportunity to demystify what a dark occult movement is and maybe help your cause or gain new members, who knows!

TdV-I deeply think that religion is something too much deep to be shared to other people in a music magazine. If you are a members of occult movement is not so much “occult” if you say that to 10.000 people using a magazine.. don’t you think? For this reason I’m always skeptic when I read all around of this black metal bands that admit to be part of satanic “secret” society.. Naturally is my just point of view… What I can say you for sure that I’m not Christian at all…

As I get on with my search of the musical underworld, I just keep on finding talented creative bands such as Theatres Des Vampires and many other European acts. Recently the Russian explosion of great bands fuelled even more my desire to pursue my quest. On your side what are the artists that you are fans of and that you would like to see getting a wider exposure?

TdV-I don’t know if we really need a wider exposure. The exposure that we have today is enough for us… as I said you we don’t want to be superstar… we want to play what we like without “chains”. About the bands that we like is a long, long list… King Diamond, Das Ich, Rammstain, The Kovenant, Diamanda Galas, Sister of Mercy… and many many more..

I usually like to give the artist a chance to express themselves on a subject they firmly believe in or want to talk about as the conclusion of an interview so here it is now an opportunity to pass on your message.

TdV-Well my friends… We hope one day to visit and play in your wonderful country… The blood is life and will be your life… Keep the black faith alive children of the night… From the deepest of the night… Carpe Noctem

June 25, 2004
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