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Swallow The Sun is one of the best doom/death metal bands i've ever heard and the weird thing is that i can say that only by their debut album! An excellent release of darkness and melancholy that is only a part of what the band can offer us in the future. Their guiter player, Juha Raivio, was willing to answer to my questions...

Bleeding: Hello my friend. I am Andrew from Harm magazine. How are you? I would like you to tell me in brief some things about the history of the band because as newcomers there will be many that haven’t heard of you.

I had this other band called Plutonium Orange and I made few songs that didn’t fit the Plutonium’s style. So I asked our drummer to try them out with me. Those songs worked out well and we started to look for more people for the band. It took some time until we found vocalist, bass and synth player from the band called Funeris Nocturnum and they were perfect for the job. For the other guitar we had our old friend who was obvious choice too. So everything started with Pasi in year 2000.

You signed a contract with Firebox records just right after the release of your debut demo. How important do you think was that for the future of the band? You see, it is not easy at all to sign to a label with only a demo!

Well we made our first demo "Out of this gloomy light" and it sounded so good that it didn’t take long to get deal offer from Firebox records. The deal was really important for the future of the band because this was basically a project band for everyone. So the deal made us a real band.

Are you satisfied with the album now or would you change something in it if possible?

Yeah I’m really happy how it turned out. It should be slower but we catch that gloom, beauty and despair to the album that I was hoping. So I’m really proud of that album.

How did you decide to play doom/death metal? It’s not the easiest metal style. There are many bands that follow it but only a few that do it well. Weren’t you afraid of getting trapped and copy some other band or just getting compared to them?

I put up my first "doom" band over 10 years ago and then it mostly sounded like Candlemass. But now with these players it got more this death thing included. If someone says that we sound too much like My dying bride I take it as a fucking big compliment and say thank you man! I love bands like My Dying bride, Candlemass, Type O Negative, Rush, Marillion, Iron Maiden and if I can bring some of those bands glory to our music its only a good thing.

What is doom/death metal to you? And do you accept this name for your style or you consider your music of another one?

You can call us death/doom and that’s OK. Of course you can call us Heavy, Metal, gloom doom or you can call us pussy doom, everything goes just fine

How important do you consider your lyrics to be and, what are the sources from which your lyrical concepts are drawn?

Well in this kind of music you shouldn’t try to make ´larger than life´ lyrics or you gonna end up looking like an ass.. Single words are more important than whole lyrics I think. The words go hand in hand with the music and they are kind of gateways even deeper to the beauty or doom of the music.

I have an idea about your front cover but I am not sure if this is what you wanted to do. Taking into consideration the title of your album I think that what it shows is the sun trapped in this old house and this is why the morning never came. Am I close to what you want to symbolize with your cover?

The cover was just something that we came up with. There is no bigger meaning behind it, gloom and horror just like the music.

Your music reminds me of two great bands: My Dying Bride and Saturnus. What are your influences and how do they affect you when you compose your own music?

Well, as I said I love My dying bride and of course everyone can hear it too.. What comes in Saturnus I´m very curious about, because I have never heard the music even I know the band by the name. I have heard so much good things about their music. So I have to buy their albums and see what I´ve been missing..

Why should someone prefer to buy your album than any other release of our days?

There are lots of albums you should buy before ours!

What are the reviews you have received up till now?

The reviews have been just amazing. It´s been mostly 9/10 or 10/10. I can remember two bad reviews from Metal Hammer and Doom-metal.com. I was laughing my balls off when I read the Hammer’s review, they said that you should avoid these boring goths:) that was a great moment for us!! Well, you can’t please two people in the whole world.

If you had the chance to play on the same stage with any band or artist you like, who would that be and why?

Oh man, playing with My Dying Bride or Type O Negative would be my dream come true, well, dream on.

What are your plans for the future?

The Morning Never Came will come out in North America and in Mexico by Century Media and the album will hit the Asian market too. I hope that we could make full European tour next year and play some summer festivals in Europe too. Now it’s mostly making new songs for the second album.

Do you watch the underground doom/death metal scene? How do you think it will be developed in the future?

I don’t know much about the doom-metal underground of today, but I just got myself computer and internet so maybe I´ll find it out. I think that half of the bands will take doom-metal further and half will stay even more "true" and that’s a good thing too.

That’s all my friend. I have nothing else to ask you. I wish you luck for your future plans and I hope we will be able to talk again in the near future! Closing is yours….

Hey, thank you for the interview and lets metal!!!!!

September 10, 2004
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