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1- Well guys, I have listened to Madness to Our Method several times now, and it gets catchier every time, what inspired you to play this kind of music (that being thrash metal) and add melodic elements to it?

Well its mix of all our influences really. Main influences being Metallica and Megadeth but mixed with some prog rock like Dream Theater and Rush and then some heavier styles of metal like Death and At the Gates and then some modern metal like SOAD or Queens of the Stone Age.

2- I have been disappointed with the lack of representation on the thrash metal genre these days, do you feel there's a need for new groups to bring thrash metal back to the forefront of the metal scene, or do you simply concentrate on playing your music, regardless of the results?

Well it would be great to see the old thrash metal back in the forefront of metal. We concentrate on playing our music regardless of the results but I would like to think it would turn people to the thrash side of things and get people back listening to proper metal hehe!

3- Does Scavenger have a set mind on what kind of music they want to play, or are you guys open to trying out new things?

We're open to try out new things. Thats what gave us Madness to Our Method. Our first cd is straight ahead metal with aggressive singing, chuggy fast riffs and fast drums, constantly uptempo. This cd has a lot of experimenting with the metal music and contains more influences – it was good to see what kind of other shit we could pull out of the bag. It was great writing such different stuff.

4- Now, coming from Ireland, do you feel an added pressure to represent your country in other parts of the world, or do you see yourselves as just another metal band?

Coming from Ireland has got advantages and big disadvantages. You can do a whole tour of Ireland in 3 days!! You can step up in the ladder of good bands pretty quick. But disadvantages are that Ireland always gets overlooked or ignored as far as big metal gigs/festivals go. 90% of the time most big bands that plan European or World tours skip Ireland. And then, you have all the Irish fans travelling to England or wherever to see their favourite band. But when your abroad, its good being from Ireland.

5- I need to mention a couple of things about your CD cover: First, I think the art work is really nice, does it have a specific meaning to you? Second, when I saw your picture I couldn't believe it, what you sound like doesn't match what you look like! Now, I find that to be a good thing, do you guys have any plans of growing your hair and wearing black, and nothing but black?

I did the artwork up on my pc at home one night. I had asked Peter for all the lyrics to the songs and came up the idea then. The whole album gives me a feel and picture of dreamy times or liquidy moments that surround you when your listening to it – kinda like the clean part in Ethereal Journey. As far as the hair and image thing, we all had long hair, we use to all wear black etc. but we dont give a fuck what we look like, its not about image for us, music only. I hope that someday people wont judge us by image and that our music will make them see us in a different way, a way we want to be seen.

6- Mr. Peter Dunne, even though I thought your voice stuck out too much on the album (and come to think of it, it might have been just the production) I also think you have good vocals, which singers have influenced you the most?

Peter is not to answer, but I could tell you?? He's a big fan of Dio, Danzig, Mustaine, Hetfield, Dickenson.

7- Mr. Noel Maher, I thought that your guitar playing was one of the definite highlights on the record, do you feel any pressure or extra stress for being the only guitarist in the band? and (if you read my review you'll know why I am asking this) would you consider having a second guitarist in the group if the band thought it best?

I dont feel any pressure at all. In fact what I like about being the one guitarist is that we are way more tighter as a band, onstage and offstage. I would consider another guitar player if it really came to it. For this record, money and time became a drag and stopped a lot of things getting recorded and sounding right so there are bits on songs i would have liked to put solos down, harmonies etc. With our new songs for the next one at the moment, I think we've got all that in the bag.

8- Ok guys, "Storm Warning" and "On the Outside" seem to be getting the most attention out of the album, which song/s do you think is/are the best on the record?

For me it would be Ethereal Journey, Daydreams in Dystopia and probably on the Outside or Prisoner of Time.

9- Who came up with the name of the band and why did you decide to title your debut Madness to Our Method?

At the time when we were trying to come up with a name for the band, Chuck Schuldiner from Death just died. And Peter and myself were talking about it and how much we loved Death etc. and so we named our band Scavenger after the Death song Scavenger of Human Sorrow.

10- Are you one of those bands that believes "it's all about the fans"?

I dunno. For me its all about the music, enjoy playing it, writing it, recording it and sharing it. But we do want to be a successful band in metal, and please god we will.

11- What needs to be done in the world of metal to bring it back into every household?

Make CDs cheaper!

12- Finally, I am pretty sure there's a lot of people out there hoping you'll come out soon with another great album (including me, of course), what are the future plans for Scavenger in terms of writing, recording and touring?

We are currently writing for our new record with some new songs finished. We have a few dates lined up in England in October, hope to be heading to Germany in January/February, and we might even be heading to the States as we recently did a tour with Lord Weird Slough Feg over here and they asked us over to the States to play with them – we look forward to that one.

Thanks guys!

Thank you Darken for the review, the interview and the support – much appreciated.

October 1, 2004
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