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Austrian metallers Devanic have spent a decent amount of time in my cd player lately. I was able to get ahold of vocalist Andy Danzer and lead guitarist Nick Vuckovic to shed some more light on the band.

Wayfaerer-You recorded Mask Installed after Devanic had formed 6 months earlier, what previous experiences had everyone been involved with before?

Andy: Peter and Mike have been making music for many years. Peter had a band – Septicemia – and normally plays guitar, but for Devanic he was willing to play bass and I don’t think he regrets it. He also had some other projects, for example “Revenants Dawn”.
Mike is a multi-band player, if I am remembering right he is playing in, Devanic included, 3 or 4 bands. He has played the drums for many years, but this is his first metal project. I had 2 bands before Devanic - Subtil and Spirit Within - and some guest performances. My experience reaches back about 7 years now.

Nick: I played the drums for “Moriturus” for about 10 years and played bass and guitar for other bands like Sententia and Pendragon. So I have a lot of live experience, especially behind the drums. Now I do the compositions and I play the lead-guitars for Devanic. It’s a totally different stage feeling, but it’s great and it works! :)
About two years ago I’ve met Chris, he is the only one in the band knew previously. He has also played music for many years and so he joined Devanic. He is the silent guy within the band except when he is a bit drunk. :)

Wayfaerer-Give me three words that would describe the sound of Devanic to someone who has not heard your material?

Andy: Melodic, catchy and multifarious.

Nick: Yes. :)

Wayfaerer-Is there one band that you could call Devanic's biggest influence? If so, who would that be?

Andy: I think there are many bands that had an influence on the sound of Devanic, but the most common comparison: the old In Flames albums.

Nick: Yes, old In Flames, At the Gates and maybe a little bit Opeth.

Wayfaerer-What is the symbol on the cover of Mask Installed (and your website as well)? Any special significance?

Andy: It is a modified symbol that is called Mer-Ka-Ba (ancient Egyptian: Light-Spirit-Body). It would go beyond the limits of this interview to explain it exactly, but simply put: The Merkaba is a lightstructure that is surrounding every living organism. You can also call it life-carrier or life-body. It is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life. The Merkaba is a tool that helps humans to reach their full potential.

Wayfaerer-How has Mask Installed been received so far?

Andy: Very good! The response has been absolutely great! In particular if you keep in mind, that this is our first demo and that it was recorded after only 6 months of the band’s existence.

Wayfaerer-Devanic's sound is pretty diverse but are you afraid of the band being wrongly "pigeon-holed" as just another melodic death band?

Andy: There always will be some people that say: Ah, just another melodic death metal band! But if these people listen to Devanic with fresh ears, they will hear that we have an individual and seasoned sound – a devanic sound! We differ from common melodic death metal bands: Every song is really independent from the others and we use for instance clean vocals that have a Viking-touch. Songs like “Dimensions”, “Mask Installed” or “Ignorance” are definitely not comparable with the common melodic death metal scene. On the other hand songs like “You will see” are typical for this genre – we try to cover many different fields.

Nick: Hmm... We make Melodic Death Metal in a different style than many others I think. What should I say? Melodic DM is Melodic DM... :)

Andy: That’s right! The genre is the same, but as in all other varieties of metal, there are many different ways for self-realisation within it.

Wayfaerer-Will Mask Installed be released to the general public?

Andy: No. Mask Installed is only meant for promotional issues. But we are recording our album right now. If everything goes as planned we will release it in March. The album will include the complete promo - newly recorded, with a better sound, more blasting and quality.

Wayfaerer-Have you been in contact with any interested labels as of yet?

Andy: Yes, we have had contact with some labels. Some were showing a large interest but till now we haven’t had an explicit offer.

Wayfaerer-What is the process like of getting your cd to labels/press/etc?

Andy: On the one hand we are sending the promo material to labels, zines and radios that are interesting to us and on the other hand we get many requests, which get checked if it is worth it to send a promo package.

Wayfaerer-Have you begun writing any new material?

Andy: As said before we are recording our album that will contain 13 tracks. Honestly said we have too much material! We have enough material for about 2 albums, so it was very hard to decide which songs will get on the album.

Nick: Every day :)

Wayfaerer -Has Devanic been playing any live shows or have any in the near future?

Andy: Yeah! We did some shows in our country and it was really fun to play! The fans are great! We have planed some more gigs in Austria, but we also want to visit Germany. If it is possible we would like to make a tour through Europe - we will see what future brings.

Wayfaerer -Where would you like to see Devanic in 5 years?

Nick: On a world tour - "From Stageview" in front of big crowd of people, banging their heads to our music! :)

Andy: I think every band has the wish to be heard. For that we need a label and good promotion. With the potential of Devanic a major label deal is not eccentric or dreamy.

Wayfaerer -What are the last 3 cds you've listened to?

Nick: Emperor - "Athems to the welkin´at dusk", At the Gates - "Slaughter of the soul", Deep Purple - "Made in Japan".

Andy: Bloodbath - Nightmares made flesh, Disillusion – Back to times of splendour, Arch Enemy – Dead eyes see no future

Wayfaerer -Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Andy: A great year for 2005 and get psyched for the album – stay tuned! Thank you for this interview and your support!

Nick: Thx Harm! Thx Fans! Stay Metal and support the underground!

February 6, 2005
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