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After creating one of the most mesmorizing releases since the turn of the century, I thought it would be nice to have Lilitu answer a few questions for our Harm.us readers. Vocalist/guitarist Derek Bonner was able to catch us up to speed with the band as well as provide some amusing answers!

Wayfaerer-First off, congrats on the excellent new cd...before we get into that, could you give us a little background on the band?

Derek-The band started way back when I was a stupid kid. I loved the passion and aggression that European bands had and the melody in their music really gave me the inspiration to play. Then as I realized that I wasn't so ignorant. I started to open up to other styles of music and we found our own sound years later. Now I just pretend I know what I'm doing. I think it's working.

Wayfaerer-What does the name Lilitu mean?

Derek-Basically, it's my view on women in general as being the dominant life force behind everything. Goddess and nemesis. Life and death. Where everything begins and ends.She is a mythical entity so there is a lot of history there. If that doesn't do it for ya, then break out all of your Dungeons And Dragons books and roll the 12 sided die.

Wayfaerer-How would you describe Lilitu's sound to someone who has never heard the band before?

Derek-Sounds like KC & the Sunshine band mixed w/ a little something special to spice it up. Groove is In the heart. We're still seeking out that hot track. Holla if ya got em. Or Maybe we sound like a metal band that plays passionate music. Have I said enough? I hope so, cause people will listen to me. I am superior.

Wayfaerer-What bands have had the biggest creative influence on Lilitu?

Derek-For me personally: Joy Division, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dark Tranquillity and SWANS...oh and R Kelly.

Wayfaerer-Lilitu seems to mesh pretty well with The End Records line-up. What made you choose to sign with them? How does it feel to finally be "on a label"?

Derek-It felt right. We knew that the label was behind us all the way. And I was really attracted to Andreas. He's so dreamy!

Wayfaerer-I know you initially recorded The Delores Lesion before signing with The End. What were the "tweaks" that you put on it after getting a label-backing?

Derek-We hired professional musicians to re-record everything including the whiny half-ass vocal parts. Then we had an album.

Wayfaerer-When comparing The Delores Lesion to your two previous releases, The Delores Lesion seems more diverse and focused. How do you feel the band's songwriting has changed since the release of Memorial in 2001?

Derek-We write songs. We play instruments. We are way too metal for our own good. We praise the almighty horned god.

Wayfaerer-What is your personal favorite off The Delores Lesion and why?

Derek-I hate them all equally

Wayfaerer-How has the feedback been for The Delores Lesion so far?


Wayfaerer-By the way, I have marked "The Delores Lesion" as my #1 pick of 2004

Derek-Awesome, thanks so much and big hugs.

Wayfaerer-I've been reading some reviews on the web and noticed some seem stuck on your geographic location: do you ever get annoyed by people saying "This is great...for an American band"?

Derek-Yes, goddamnit, shut the fuck up already peeps.

Wayfaerer-Hows the metal scene down in Georgia?


Wayfaerer-Do you have any touring plans at the moment?

Derek-Yes, many. We need money first.

Wayfaerer-Any plans on future material at this point or is it too soon?

Derek-We have lots of material ready. We're gonna rock out the fucking jams bitches!

Wayfaerer-What's your take on the seeming resurgence of metal into a more mainstream light?

Derek-Is that like the light/ low carb version or the baked lays w/ half the fat?

Wayfaerer-What are the last 5 cds you've listened to?

Derek-Mono - one more step and you die
B-52s - Party Mix
Bright Eyes - I'm wide awake, it's morning
R-Kelly - Piss Factory & piss remix
Soilwork - Stabbing the drama

Wayfaerer-Thanks for your time, any last minute things you'd like to plug?

Derek-I'd like to plug that skanky hoe bitch dog at the IHOP and tell her, "mmmmm bitch you look niiiiice"

March 14, 2005
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