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Some bands just seem to come out of nowhere and deliver a fantastic cd. The Bereaved have done just that with their debut Darkened Silhouette. Raging melodic death of the highest quality. Bassist Mikael Nilsson was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the band.

Wayfaerer-What would be the best description for someone who has never heard of The Bereaved?

Mikael-Swedish death/thrash with a lot of speed.

Wayfaerer-You formed in 1998, what was the delay in getting your first release out?

Mikael-At first we didn't sound that good I think. Over the years we have evolved and gotten more experienced, in '98 we were only seventeen and it takes sometime to learn how to handle your instrument. And it took us a year before we signed with Black Lotus. We had to go through all the offers. And the release was delayed a year, time runs.

Wayfaerer-You were originally known as Clone. What prompted the name change?

Mikael-Too many bands used that name, and mixed up with techno and other shit.

Wayfaerer-Any significance behind the name "The Bereaved"?

Mikael-The loss of a lot of friends, and there were not too many that used it.

Wayfaerer-Who would be your biggest creative influence?

Mikael-At first it was In Flames, but over the years we have gotten more influences and I think it shows in our music. If you listen carefully you can hear death/thrash/black and heavy metal.

Wayfaerer-How has Darkened Silhouette been received thus far?

Mikael-Pretty good I think, over expectations. Both good and bad, but mostly good actually.

Wayfaerer-Are you afraid of people labeling you as "just another Swedish melodic death band"?

Mikael-No, if they don't use their ears and brain it's up to them. The music is for our selves, we only create music we enjoy playing and listen to.

Wayfaerer-What's your favorite song off Darkened Silhouette?

Mikael-It's a day to day question. If I say "Vital Organ Theft" to day, I'll maybe say "Pathetic" tomorrow.

Wayfaerer-Your artwork was done by Seth, was there anything in particular you were looking for or did you give him the flexiblity to pretty much do what he wanted? It looks great by the way.

Mikael-He listened to the album and the result is the reflection of what he saw when he listened to it.

Wayfaerer-Darkened Silhouette was recorded early 2004, have you begun writing any new material since then?

Mikael-Yes, we have 80% of the music already done. It will be a killer album!!!

Wayfaerer-Have you been doing any live shows or have some planned at the moment?

Mikael-We have had some health problems, Tobhias will under go surgery soon so we can't plan that much for the moment.

Wayfaerer-What does everyone do outside of The Bereaved?

Mikael-We all work and live normal lives.

Wayfaerer-Where would you like to see The Bereaved in 5 years?

Mikael-A touring band which has a lot of respect.

Wayfaerer-Seen any good movies lately?

Mikael-Girls in the slammer, a intense action movie. No, we haven't seen any movie that really goes to your heart lately.

Wayfaerer-Any last words you'd like to get in?

Mikael-Thank you! Buy the album, visit www.thebereaved.tk and support us and we'll hopefully see you on tour soon. Stay metal!!!

March 20, 2005
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