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I would like to thank you the musicians of Belphegor for sharing these thoughts and moments with us at Harm.

Helmuth - Cheers Denis, you´re welcome!

Hell yeah, everything`s fine, thanks... busy at the moment, GOATREICH - FLESHCULT is in the stores worldwide, the previews are more than brilliant and outbid one another.

U know, we are in the end of the interview/promotion period for the new album, the demands are enormous worldwide, it couldn´t work better for BELPHEGOR these times.

Seems to me, that many demons are as content as we are, the feeling, the production, the songs,…it was amazing to record GOATREICH - FLESHCULT.

We got a lot of really huge responses from all the magazines, radio stations, friends, fans....

“Goatreich-Fleshcult” invaded my home back in February and my appreciation has been on our site for a couple months now. Do you think you got the proper feedback this release deserved from the press and fans alike?

Helmuth - The reviews and so on are really overwhelming, the new album is downright glorified. We really havent ever had that much interviews in the USA/Canada, the interest in BELPHEGOR is sheer madness, we have never expected that. We even have some big cover - titlestories on the start, i hope we finally are able to tour on the US market with GOATREICH - FLESHCULT and solidify our name over there.

Great artwork, even on the CD itself portraying some dark, mysterious and somewhat violent situation. What is the concept behind the album?

Helmuth - The blasphemy, horror, fetish naturally comes to us.

When planning the artwork for GOATREICH - FLESHCULT ( which is a circumscription for hell, and were we are hailing our mascot, the goat and his empire of death, blood & fire ), we knew we had to come up with the most blasphemous-horror stuff ever - fitting the lyrical, antichristian content.

Still we´ve never done this for any shock value, we fukkin dig that stuff, but if any moralizers out there feel provoked or disgusted by this art, fine with me

And let me tell u, no, no, its not about a bad boy image or bullshit like that. We are not worse as a gardener, we are simple metalheads, who glorify hard metal for more than a decade. Its more about resistance, denial, rebellion against these superficial - conservative old-established structures/religions - fanatics.

Your music is brutal but melodic at the same time. How do you go about creating this harmonious beating?

Helmuth - Yeah i agree man, I think you can hear that its us, if you put on a BELPHEGOR album, and that is very important to me U know one of our trademarks and strengths are to integrate cold - aggressive melodies into our aggressive songs, without making it listen to be beauty or clear, its still brutal as hell, the way it meant to be.

My favorite track is the closer “Festum Asimorum / Chapt.2” for its intense doom and that great lead guitar (acoustic and electric) work and so on. What are yours?

Helmuth - Okay great that u like that track bro, its an epic monumental hymn. U know, we`ve put all of our potential and heartblood inside this album, so every soundcollage on GOATREICH - FLESHCULT is a highlight to us and has it`s own elements and story.

Our intension since the foundation of the troup always have been to get better, GOATREICH - FLESHCULT is an example of aggressive yet technically exceptional death/blackest metal work, it was our goal to ban our tightest and most varied album on CD and i think we made that.

What about religions in general?

Helmuth - Fucking hypocrites, religious sects should be removed from the face of the earth,...feed them to the pigs.

Against religious fanatics or fundamentalists?

Helmuth - Its getting so boring to repeat this shit again and again, so fukk them all and let the musik do the talk.

What is the meaning of Belphegor?


We all exercised a lot on our instruments the last years,....all is more intense and dynamic.

U know we are really into it and dig our sound. BELPHEGOR is our live since years now, we are all the time in the rehearsal room, on the road or in the studio.

We play the music we want to play and we do not care about what others think.

Progress as a band is first priority for BELPHEGOR, stagnation = death.

We’ ve always tried to give our best and every album/demo whatsoever represents our respective skill and ability at the time of the release.

To me metal is a form of art and something I've dedicated my life to, and we have some big plans for the future, so hopefully things will work out.

How did you choose that name?

Helmuth - BELPHEGOR represents the demon of discovery and of genius invention. Since he was living in caves, the high priests threw down human carcasses through shafts to keep him mild and tame. He is also called the demon of sloth. He once briefly walked the earth in a woman's body, but he vanished again as quickly as he could and prefers life in the hell of fire.... The demon - name BELPHEGOR suits us very well, and since the beginning of 1993 ( BLOODBATH IN PARADISE - Maxi Cd ) we are torturing our instruments under this banner.

Is there any special bands and/ or musicians that you appreciate either in metal or in other genres?

Helmuth - Hm, there've been many, actually, too many to mention them all here.

I listen to good real guitar-music, which transport a certain feeling, it dosn´t matter if it´s aggression, hate or love....

Any future plans ahead and maybe some outside projects you’d like to mention?

No, there would´nt be any time for any other projects, Man we really wish to tour the US.

I think we will finally promote GOATREICH - FLESHCULT in the second half of the year live on the US market, its already overdued and a big wish of Sigurd and me to finally play some shows/festivals there. So we have to wait and see what the future holds for an possible US insertion.

We need a professional agency that takes us there, but for more shows, there's no sense and to expensive for only 2 or 3 concerts , but we are optimistic and hope to march into the USA in 2005, would be very culty for sure.

If there are any interests, go for it here: belphegor@aon.at In October 2005 it's planned to tour brazil...between 10/12 convents. Let me tell u, BELPHEGOR is a live band, we love to play live and we're on the road a lot too. There is nothing better then to shoot the songs in highspeed blasts into the crowd and when the demons begin to bang, to flip out, yeah that's it, it's a good feeling, a real pleasure if you have played a concert and if the ppl like it, BELPHEGOR metal is for the fukkin´stage....

Anything you want to express yourselves to our readers as a conclusion?

Helmuth - Music/Art has to be provocative and controversial, to hell with censorship, do not let them break your will.

Thanking you for your time, patience and good will in answering these questions.

Helmuth - Well Denis, thanks for space and interesting quests, see ya somewhere. All extreme metal demons should run out and chekk GOATREICH - FLESHCULT. See you on the road,...hail the goat! www.belphegor.at

May 4, 2005
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