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I've been listening to Dreamaker's sophomore effort, Enclosed, for nearly a month now. It's a solid mixture of progressive/power and melodic death. I was able to get ahold of bassist Carlos Pena, who gave me some more insight to the Spanish band. [Ed. note: I was originally thinking that Elisa was going to be answering questions, which is why there are some questions geared towards her]

Wayfaerer-How would you describe Dreamaker to someone who has never heard the band?

Carlos-Dreamaker is a new band formed by people who love the music they play, and give everything for it and I think you can notice that when you listen to the album. Anyway, I prefer people to listen our music and the have their own conclusions. I don’t like labeling music, especially ours because we have influence of a many different kinds of music, from electronic music to death metal.

Wayfaerer -You have a unique sound in that it pulls in a lot of traditional, progressive elements and mixes it with more aggressive riffing (towards the style of Arch Enemy or Soilwork). Do people ever make misconceptions about the band due to former associations with Dark Moor?

Carlos-Maybe some people expected another kind of album, but I always said that our sound will be much more aggressive and “heavier” that music Dark Moor does. Anyway I think we have not disappointed anyone. It would be stupid to break a band to make two bands playing the same kind of music, don’t you think?

Wayfaerer -I'd be lying if I said I was very familiar with Dark Moor. What happened that caused the split in the group?

Carlos-Mainly, there were two groups within the band with different music taste as everyone can see when they listen to our records and Dark Moor’s records

Wayfaerer -What were the goals in creating Dreamaker? Any significance behind choosing the band name?

Carlos-The goal in creating Dreamaker is to play music we love without limits, we don’t like the rules when we are doing music, we love mixing styles and we are mind opened to nearly everything. The name of the band comes from that, is there any band better to a musician than one where you can play everything you like, mixing things no one have mixed before, experimenting with anything he can imagine? I don’t think so.

Wayfaerer -Enclosed is your second cd, what kind of progression did you make from the debut (Human Device)?

Carlos-Human Device was maybe a transition album, from Dark Moor to our own sound. I think we haven’t balls enough to do a radical change to the music we play respect the music Dark Moor plays. But Human Device is a very very good album anyway and we are very proud of it.

Wayfaerer -How has the response been to Enclosed so far?

Carlos-We couldn’t imagine a better response. Everybody in everywhere loves our album and we are glad about it because there is nothing better to a musician than people’s recognition. We have had mails from all over the world congratulating us for the album.

Wayfaerer -Where do you get your inspirations for writing lyrics?

Carlos-In our lifes. We don’t like lyrics about dragons, swords and busty naked princess. We let it to fantasy writers. Our songs talk about close things of the life.

Wayfaerer -You (Elisa) have a fantastic voice! Have you ever done any vocal lessons or does it just come naturally?

Carlos-I suppose you are talking about Elisa’s voice, hehe. She started by her own but as everything in this life you need teaching to improve in singing, so she has being studying from some time ago.

Wayfaerer -I saw on the website that you recently were chosen as "best national female singer" by readers of Heavy Rock magazine. How does it feel to win something like that?

Carlos-We are very proud of it. I think a lot of people love her in our country and this is a way to prove it.

Wayfaerer -This is probably a heavily cliched question but as a female vocalist in the metal world, what originally got you (Elisa) into metal?

Carlos-That’s in her veins. She is “metaller” than Painkiller’s motorbike, hehe. She has been singing in metal bands since she were nearly a child. I can’t imagine a woman who loves metal as much as Elisa does.

Wayfaerer -It's nice to see more and more females joining metal bands. Do you have any advice that you would offer women who want to get into metal?

Carlos-I think is hard to everyone, and maybe is harder to women, but my advice is the same for everyone: work hard, practice a lot and believe in what you are doing, I think that is the way.

Wayfaerer -Your upcoming tour dates seem to all be in Spain. Do you ever get out to some of the big European festivals? Would you like to tour the USA at some point?

Carlos-We are working in that direction. We have a pair of concerts in Europe and we hope to travel to Japan, USA, and South America too I don’t know if it will be at the end of this year or the following. We want to play all over the world if there are people who want to see us.

Wayfaerer -Where do you see Dreamaker 5 years from now?

Carlos-I don’t like to think about that; we work hard day by day to reach the highest point we could and we don’t care about the future. We are still very young!!

Wayfaerer -I'm not familiar with too many bands coming out of Spain, what's the metal scene like over there?

Carlos-That’s a little problem. To have recognition in Spain there are two ways: you can sing in Spanish or you have to be one of the greatest abroad. For the moment we aren’t one of the greatest, so people knows us and come to the concerts but we don’t have the recognition we have abroad.

Wayfaerer -You (Elisa) are also in the French band, Hamka. Is this a full-time band or just a side-project for you? Do any of the other members in other bands at the moment?

Carlos-Elisa’s band is Dreamaker, the other bands where she sings in, is her free time, but she is 100% for and in Dreamaker. For the moment none of us, apart from Elisa, have any projects.

Wayfaerer -What do you like to do outside of music?

Carlos-Going out (of course), reading, cinema… but maybe what I like most is travelling. I love it!

Wayfaerer -Thanks for your time! Any other exciting tid-bits you'd like to share with our readers?

Nothing really, keep your own rules, do what you want and keep attention to Dreamaker, we’ll make people talk about us

May 19, 2005
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