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You were approached to do a split CD with Xasthur. Were you familiar with its work before?

I was. Both Xasthur and Nortt had released albums on Total Holocaust Records prior to the split release, and to some extent both acts appeared in the same magazines.

Your style has a depressive feel, a thing that Xasthur has too but your music is different not as dissonant for example. How would you describe your music? Funeral Black?

Funeral Black would be a great description. Although it doesn’t emphasise the pace of the music, so Black Funeral Doom is even more accurate.

I noticed that many of your releases in the past were very limited like 100 copies etc…Is this due to your own willingness to limit your work or for some kult reason maybe?

Every time I’ve been working with a label they had a proposal on things (among them limitations) and usually I agreed. It has a certain charm to have released a picture disc in only 100 copies. As long as my recordings are available on some format, most likely CD, I don’t mind releasing limited editions as well.

I think your sound is rather unique and I’m glad Southern Lord decided to reissue what Total Holocaust didn’t want to. Are you still with this label or actually looking for a new one?

I’ll continue to work with Total Holocaust Records for at least one more full-length album. I like the way Håkan handles things and we share the same visions of black metal. Thus I only got positive things to say about Total Holocaust Records.

Is mysticism or any occult art part of your life?

At some extent. I certainly wonder about it and feel drawn towards it, but I haven’t had the time or the need to explore it further recently. When the time is right, I’ll withdraw into the occult again.

What do you think about religion in general? Even Satanism?

It’s a comprehensive question which is almost impossible to narrow down. In general I despise all religions that preaches something else than my own views. In general all monotheistic religions are for the weak – people who can’t bare the thought of a nihilistic world. Therefore they try to find comfort in false believes. However, I think it’s healthy to follow a certain believe or a life codex. The old nature religions teach one a very honour filled set of ethics and morals, still without condemning one if one fails to follow them. They are merely wisdom passed on from your forefathers, and wisdom is always worth yearning for. Satanism, which I represent, is more an anti religion. It takes a strong individual to handle ‘do what thou wilt’ because you don’t have a guiding shepherd. It’s more existentialistic – you are not determined by any rules, you are responsible for your own actions. If you bite someone you may expect to be bitten back. That’s only for the strong individual – for the wolf not for the sheep!

Has Nortt always been a solo project and will remain so in the future?

Nortt has been a one-man act ever since the beginning and will forever remain as such.

Your piano parts have something solemn in them. Do you have a classical formation or is this type of music inspiring to you?

It’s inspiring. I think a simple and solemn melody or arrangement is more effective than something more complicated. I can only compare it with an aphorism – saying a lot with few words.

I’m glad I was able to get a copy of this split CD with Xasthur and I think I’m not the only one who’ll appreciate it. Is there any message or thoughts you’d like to send and share with our readers?

May death take you all…

Thanks for your time and views.

June 14, 2005

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