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Coming off of one of 2004's greatest cds, This Darkened Heart, All That Remains has been a constant touring machine. Before hitting the road again as part of the much-anticipated Sounds of the Underground tour, vocalist Phil Labonte was courteous enough to answer some questions about the band.

Wayfaerer-How was All That Remains originally formed?

Phil-It was the fall of 98 I started writing cause I wanted to play guitar in a band again. At the time I was singing for Shadows Fall, They asked me to leave so I made All That Remains my full time thing.

Wayfaerer-Do you ever get sick of answering questions about former relations with Shadows Fall?

Phil-Not really, well a little I guess. It's been a long time since I was in that band so, just a little.

Wayfaerer-Your last cd, This Darkened Heart, has been out for over a year now. Has the response been all that you had hoped?

Phil-Yeah, it has done really well, it is showing that it has a bit of life to it. I mean we are still a new band to alot of people and we are selling more now than we were last spring right after it came out. It's very exciting.

Wayfaerer-Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Phil-Probably not. I'm quite happy with the progress we have had.

Wayfaerer-I've heard that This Darkened Heart is going to be re-released sometime in the near future. Any idea what kind of bonus material it will have?

Phil-No that's not gonna happen now.

Wayfaerer-When will you begin writing for your next cd? What can fans expect?

Phil-We have just started to write, we have one song done and pieces for two more. It's gonna cover alot of ground. We all have different influences. With the addition of Shannon (Lucas, drums) and Josh (Ven, Bass) we are a much more focus unit. We all have input when we get together to write. Shannon's double bass is going to be something we have never had. It should be good, and we are all pretty excited.

Wayfaerer-Fans could recently vote for you on AOL's Who's Next. Are the results in yet?

Phil-I have no idea.

Wayfaerer-Being from Massachusetts, how do you explain the explosion of bands coming from there recently?

Phil-Nope can't explain that either.

Wayfaerer-How do you feel about being lumped in with the metalcore tag?

Phil-It's doesn't really matter to me. We are a metal band. We have and always have had solos, harmonys, fast parts, all the stuff that makes metal metal. It doesn't matter what people tag it as.

Wayfaerer-What do you think makes All That Remains stand out from other bands?

Phil-Do we? I don't know, everyone has a different oppinion. I'm sure there are people who think we sound like everyone else and some who think we are totally new and a fresh sound.

Wayfaerer-A lot of the lyrics are very introspective, where does the inspiration come for writing these?

Phil-My every day life.

Wayfaerer-You guys always seem to be on tour, what's the coolest thing that's happened on the road? Any horror stories?

Phil-Lots of horror storys, not even gonna get into it. Coolest thing was probly going to the UK and kids knowing our stuff. That was surreal.

Wayfaerer-You will start on the Sounds of The Underground tour shortly, are you looking forward to it?


Wayfaerer-Any bands there that you are particularly excited to be playing with?

Phil-I love ETID and Clutch. Lamb of God, Unearth, Chimaira, The Red Chord, Opeth, are all amazing bands. I am gonna have a great time just checking out bands.

Wayfaerer-Are you planning on doing any off-fest dates?

Phil-Yeah, a few.

Wayfaerer-On our site at the moment, we have a poll asking who the most "metal" Star Wars character is. Who would you pick?

Phil-Until I had seen EPIII I would have said IG-88 cause he is a bounty hunter and he's a robot made of metal. But now it's definetly Darth Vader, He is mostly metal and a mass murderer. That is metal.

Wayfaerer-Thanks for your time! Anything else you'd like to share with our harm.us readers?

Phil-Check out our web site www.allthatremains.cc

June 28, 2005

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