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After just finishing up numerous smaller tours and their new release entitled "Nothing Remains", Chimaira will be also participating on the Sounds of the Underground tour this June through July. Guitarist Rob Arnold took some time out of his hectic schedule to discuss Chimaira's new album as well as their upcoming and previous tours.

Cuchulainn: First and foremost, I just downloaded "Nothing Remains" from your website and it sounds unbelievable. How does this album compare to "The Impossibility of Reason" and even "Pass Out of Existence"?

Rob: Thank you- glad you liked the tune. We've had a lot of positive feedback, and are very excited about the future. I think that how it "compares" to Pass Out and Impossibility is in the eye of the beholder. But for us, it's a completely nature progression. Everyone has really stepped up to the plate individually as musicians, and we've really come into our own as a band.

Cuchulainn: "Nothing Remains" sounds almost melodic death metal compared to most of the content on the previous albums, is this the new Chimaira sound?

Rob: I like to think of Nothing Remains as the prologue to our new record. Each new song has a sense of individuality apart from the others, and Nothing remains samples a bit of each new element to the present day Chimaira. So yeah, I'd say that Nothing remains is like the Cliff Notes for our new sound.

Cuchulainn: On "Impossibility of Reason", you had major hits with "Down Again", "Pure Hatred" and "Power Trip", do you feel that the record will eclipse the success of "Impossibility."?

Rob: I have a different mindset about the songs on this record. For me those "hits" from TIOR, were easily understandable, relatable, and wham-bam-thank-you-mam songs. While those songs were like paging though and enjoying a copy of your favorite magazine, these songs are like dedicating an entire evening to relaxation, and getting lost in an intense and thought provoking novel. Not to say that the new material is "soft" or "unexhilerating" in any way, but it's intelligent metal for inquiring minds. And I think that that mindset alone will bring forth a larger audience.

Cuchulainn: Sounds of the Underground Tour looks to be an amazing tour top to bottom. How excited are you to get on the road with such great acts accompanying you?

Rob: We're totally stoked to a part of the SOTU tour. Organized summertime outdoor festivals with a lot of bands and a lot of beer is what it's all about. It will also be great to share the stage with some long time friends.

Cuchulainn: Now I just need a consensus, who is Chimaira's favorite band on S.O.T.U. tour or one you all are really excited about seeing live?

Rob: I can't answer this because the six of us could never agree on just one band! For me though, I guess I'm excited to see GWAR because I've heard so much about them, but have never seen them live.

Cuchulainn: What a roller coaster ride the past 3 years have been for Chimaira. Relentless touring, lineup changes, and blowing up following the release of "Impossibility.". What is the state of the band at the present moment? And how is Kevin fitting in?

Rob: We totally don't think of ourselves as having "blown up." We still have far too many goals to reach, places to see, and venues to destroy. But we are happy with our success on TIOR. But everything involved with that record cycle was just a taste of what we'd one day love to bathe in. Right now we're just gearing up for the road, and anticipating what kind of success we'll see from the new record. We're kind of just going to have to put it out there, play our asses off, and see what happens. How's Kevin doing? Just wait until you hear the new record.

Cuchulainn: How was the tour with Trivium and Stemm? Any thoughts on how those two bands are coming up through the ranks?

Rob: The tour was incredible. Short and sweet, but completely fulfilling. I'm really proud of how quickly Trivium are coming into the light. I'm seeing their name everywhere, and it seems as if they're the current talk of the town. Stemm is currently one of my favorite new bands. Empowering live show, great tunes, and great dudes. Look out for them in the near future.

Cuchulainn: Prior to working on the new album, Chimaira were touring machines. I believe I heard that in 2003, you were on the road over 300 days out of the year. Can your fans expect to see the same intense touring that followed the release of "Impossibility." after this album?

Rob: We'll have to see what the demand is like. But we are road warriors, and will do whatever it takes to climb to the top.

Cuchulainn: Any overseas tour plans as of yet after S.O.T.U. or any coming on the horizon?

Definitely - we've established ourselves as an international act, and are prepared to tour the globe. There are definitely some specific European tours in the works, but nothing that we can announce just yet.

Cuchulainn: Finally, thanks a lot for the interview. Everyone at 666metal.com wishes you all the best. I can't wait to see the S.O.T.U. Cleveland show. We all look forward to hearing the new album, good luck with this release and good luck in the future.

Rob: Thanks so much Will- we'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the show and on the new album. Peace

June 30, 2005
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