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The Black Dahlia Murder stormed onto the metal scene with their Metal Blade debut, Unhallowed. After almost constant touring, the band took a break to record their follow-up, Miasma, which sees the band raise the bar even higher. Now, with just a few days before Miasma is released onto the general public, I was able to chat with guitarist Brian Eschbach to get some more insight on the band.

Wayfaerer-Brian, what's going on?

Brian-Not too much man, how are you?

Wayfaerer-No complaints here.
When you were recording Miasma, was there anything you wanted to do to make it sound different than Unhallowed?

Brian-Yeah, there was a whole ton of things we wanted to do. One thing specifically, there wasn't enough bass on the last album and we wanted to make sure that came through pretty prevalently because the bass is what's gonna make shit heavy.

Wayfaerer-Yeah, I think it sounds a lot heavier than the last cd. I wasn’t sure how you were going to pull that off but you definitely did a good job with that.

Brian-Thank you very much.

Wayfaerer-I was a bit confused when I saw the title and didn't have much of a clue what "Miasma" was. I had to look it up. Do you think you’re going to have people running to dictionaries to figure out what it means?

Brian-I don't know, I think that happens a lot of times when a band releases an album. You hear it and then you have to go back and see what the hell they're talking about.

Miasma…it's a clusterfuck, it can also be a venomous outpouring of something. The whole naming of an album isn't really my department but it's what I've been told so I'm sticking to that.

Wayfaerer-Do you think there will be any instant crowd favorites off Miasma that you can think of? What do you think fans' reactions will be like?

Brian-I have no idea what reactions are going to be like. To me, this album has much more character and uniqueness than Unhallowed and I'm not really sure what to expect right now.

Wayfaerer-What can you tell me about the cover?

Brian-It's Vegas..basically, a lot of the content of the album is about getting fucked up and and doing fucked up things and Vegas is just one of those kind of places that would fit with the concept. It's like you've just pounded about 18 beers and you're just walking in the city.

Wayfaerer-Definitely paints a different picture than what I had assumed from just seeing the cover. It seemed like you could just take off your name and replace it with a more "pop" oriented band title.

Brian-Yeah, its not what most people expect from a metal album cover, but then again, we're not exactly what people expect a metal band to look like anyways.

Wayfaerer-You are going to be on Ozzfest soon, how are you going to break down the material you are playing. Mostly new stuff or is it going to be about 50/50?

Brian-It's gonna be more newer stuff. We figure the majority of the Ozzfest crowd aren't people who've seen us before and we've only got about a 20 minute set. If we play a lot of new stuff, we won't be disappointing a lot of people. Now on the off-fest dates, it's more of our crowd so we'll mix it up more then.

Wayfaerer-I think you might be surprised at how many people are there for you at Ozzfest, you guys have gotten big really quickly.

Brian-It's a little hard sometimes to know how well you're doing and I'm not really the "in the know" type of guy but hey, the more people that are there and interested that's cool!

Wayfaerer-What's one of the best parts of doing Ozzfest aside from the exposure you'll get?

Brian-Well, I get to see Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden every night and that's going to be great.

Wayfaerer-This is might sound kind of weird, but Trevor is starting to get known for taking his shirt off during your performances, do you guys think that you might do a cover of "I’m too sexy" in the future?

Brian-I don't know if that cover's in the works but if you take a look at Trevor, he's got some insulation and it gets pretty hot up on stage. I would imagine if I were in his shoes, I'd probably be disrobing too.

Wayfaerer-Yeah, I've got a little insulation myself so I can definitely relate. Ok, one last question I've got for ya. I've been asking various bands lately since the new Star Wars came out. What's the most metal Star Wars character?

Brian-I'd have to go with The Emperor, what have other people been saying?

Wayfaerer-I've heard a lot of Darth Vader answers actually. But I can definitely see where you going with the Emperor, he's got that really dark and evil thing going on.

Brian-He's the only one that's straight-up pure evil. Vader'd be a good runner-up though I think, he's got a lot of torment going on inside.

Wayfaerer-Well, thanks for your time, anything else you'd like to say at this point?

Brian-Thanks a lot for the interview and make sure you check out Miasma.

July 8, 2005
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